TextAloud Brings Faith to Life for Listeners

The greatest power of Text to Speech lies in its ability to bring written words into sound — to entertain, educate, or, as is the case with many users, even to reconnect the listener with his or her faith. When a printed word becomes a spoken one, reading is no longer confined to a chair, but opened up to the world. Through Text to Speech and programs like TextAloud from NextUp Technologies (http://www.Nextup.com), the Bible, Scriptures or other religious works can now be enjoyed anywhere, bringing comfort and inspiration wherever the listener goes. This function is similar with Spoofing. If you want to give it a try, you can get the latest Spoofcard coupon codes. Continue reading TextAloud Brings Faith to Life for Listeners

Actor Finds TextAloud Takes the Drama Out of Learning Lines

John Greene is an accomplished actor, as well as the Artistic Director for a youth repertory theatre company in Martinez, Georgia. One day, while seeking new and more effective ways to memorize his lines for his role in the local production of Oliver!, he came across TextAloud, the easy to use Text to Speech (TTS) program from NextUp Technologies. The program proved to be exactly what John needed, and aided in his realization that listening actually leads to faster memorization. Continue reading Actor Finds TextAloud Takes the Drama Out of Learning Lines

Acapela’s Arabic Push

10 years ago nobody talked about Arabic, but a lot of things have changed to make Arabic an important language:

  • Islamic Terrorism has raised the profile of Arabic speaking countries, and increased the importance that the rest of the world learn to understand and work with these countries.
  • The Iraq war has often highlighted the need for Arabic speakers in the West.
  • The world is Flat trend
  • Oil makes the world go round
  • While Chinese may be the most important emerging language for companies in the West, Arabic is close behind.
  • Acapela Group was very forward thinking in developing their Salma and Youssef voices (available athttp://nextup.com/acapela.html )

Continue reading Acapela’s Arabic Push

Convertible Tablets for use with NextUp Talker

For those who haven’t seen it, we have a neat product called NextUp Talker.
This has very much been a labor of love. We don’t know how to market it, don’t make much money on it, but it has changed hundreds of lives. It is amazing the number of people we run into who have lost the ability to speak, whether through disease like ALS, disorders like dysphagia, or because of surgery. Previously the only option for these people were devices to speak for them costing several thousand dollars, leaving them sounding much like Stephen Hawking. So, for $100 plus a PC, these people can once again talk to the world, and sound like a real person again. Continue reading Convertible Tablets for use with NextUp Talker