TextAloud Brings Faith to Life for Listeners

The greatest power of Text to Speech lies in its ability to bring written words into sound — to entertain, educate, or, as is the case with many users, even to reconnect the listener with his or her faith. When a printed word becomes a spoken one, reading is no longer confined to a chair, but opened up to the world. Through Text to Speech and programs like TextAloud from NextUp Technologies (http://www.Nextup.com), the Bible, Scriptures or other religious works can now be enjoyed anywhere, bringing comfort and inspiration wherever the listener goes. This function is similar with Spoofing. If you want to give it a try, you can get the latest Spoofcard coupon codes.

“By using TextAloud for listening on a PC, laptop, or other portable device, people with failing or poor vision can now listen to their favorite Scripture or other religious passages read by lifelike and enjoyable human voices,” comments Rick Ellis, President of NextUp Technologies. “Others find themselves too busy to enjoy their works of faith as often as they would like, so TextAloud allows the printed page to become a rich and meaningful listening experience anywhere.” A popular and budget-friendly program, TextAloud’s prices start at just $29.95.

Users of TextAloud to enjoy Bible or Scriptural passages include:

Anthony: “At 74 years of age, I have poor eyesight, and discovered TextAloud as a very useful program,” he comments. “I now use TextAloud to help teach children how to read the Bible. I am also using it to learn Hebrew and Greek in Holy Scripture study.”

William: “I came to TextAloud to see if it would work for church members who were having a hard time seeing to read, and to also see if it could read publications to them, as well. The program was priced right, and performed well.”

Eric: “I got TextAloud to read the NIV Student Bible faster and better, and also to get a better understanding of what I was reading. The program was excellent, and very easy to learn, and the AT&T Voices are very nice!”

Joseph: “I got TextAloud for Bible study and lessons. The program is very good, and affordable, as well.”

Steven W.: “As a Pastor, I purchased TextAloud with AT&T Natural Voices and was highly pleased. The program is very good, and I also love the integration with Firefox and Internet Explorer.”

Winnie: “In a lot of Bible study, most information is only available in printed text. Listening via TextAloud helps me to learn the answers much faster.”

In Fall of 2007, in addition, South African missionary Pieter Schutte began using TextAloud Text to Speech to present the Gospel in sound to those with access to modern technology. These users, and many more, quickly embraced the ability of Text to Speech to bring their faiths to them in new ways. TextAloud brings independence and freedom back to the enjoyment of faith-based written works, and to anyone with access to even a basic computer or laptop.