Actor Finds TextAloud Takes the Drama Out of Learning Lines

John Greene is an accomplished actor, as well as the Artistic Director for a youth repertory theatre company in Martinez, Georgia. One day, while seeking new and more effective ways to memorize his lines for his role in the local production of Oliver!, he came across TextAloud, the easy to use Text to Speech (TTS) program from NextUp Technologies. The program proved to be exactly what John needed, and aided in his realization that listening actually leads to faster memorization.

“Most actors learn the parts of their fellow performers before they learn their own lines,” John comments. “This is because they hear the other performers’ lines over and over in rehearsal. By typing and then playing with TextAloud, I am able to hear my lines over and over in a different voice.” John also uses the program to give cues as well, where “the ability to use multiple voices is a definite plus.”

TextAloud is the easy, affordable Text to Speech software that’s priced from just $29.95, and which enables PC computer users everywhere to listen to e-mails, websites, stories, novels, textbooks and more — and not with toneless, robotic-sounding voices, but instead via natural and enjoyable human-sounding speech. The program provides users with the unique ability to listen to their reading anywhere, either in front of the computer, or on the go, via an iPod (R) or even audio CD — and using a wide variety of potential Premium Voices, accents and vocal choices.

John has gone on to use TextAloud for many years ever since. “I first bought the program to read e-books,” he comments. “I am an aural learner, and listening helps me concentrate and comprehend the written word better.” He also uses the program to proof letters, documents, and even scripts for errors. “It’s easier to hear the errors that way,” he comments, “Because the mind doesn’t ‘fill in’ missing words or mistakes.”

John has since used the program in conjunction with his Toshiba laptop for everything from script readings (where he can even assign different voices), to learning lines, cues, and even for sound effects onstage! “I enjoy being able to assign different voices for script readings, and also use TextAloud to read aloud others’ diaries on Open Diary while I do other things.”

As a part of his routine for years now, TextAloud continues to surprise the actor with its versatility, and has gone from being a great occasional tool, to a “must” when memorizing his lines. From reading complicated documents to e-mails, lines, cues, and more, TextAloud has made John a believer, onstage and off.