Acapela’s Arabic Push

10 years ago nobody talked about Arabic, but a lot of things have changed to make Arabic an important language:

  • Islamic Terrorism has raised the profile of Arabic speaking countries, and increased the importance that the rest of the world learn to understand and work with these countries.
  • The Iraq war has often highlighted the need for Arabic speakers in the West.
  • The world is Flat trend
  • Oil makes the world go round
  • While Chinese may be the most important emerging language for companies in the West, Arabic is close behind.
  • Acapela Group was very forward thinking in developing their Salma and Youssef voices (available at )

Acapela, speaking Arabic around the world

Acapela Group, the number one supplier of speech technologies across Europe and the Middle East, announces today its sixth participation at Gitex, the international tradeshow for new technologies in Dubai.

Confirming its position as market leader in the Middle East, Acapela includes Arabic as one of its standard languages in the group’s product portfolio throughout various industry sectors.

In the strategic telecommunications field, Acapela Telecom offers differentiated solutions to operators, integrators, software editors, platform manufacturers and service providers. Acapela’s Arabic voices are used by numerous telecom partners such as Emerging Technologies, Globitel, ATSI, Speechworkers, BhartiTelesoft, Alcatel, Atos Origin, Intervoice, Siemens, CNS, Djibouti Telecom, Allied Soft and Interactive Intelligence.

With continued commitment to the Middle East’s accessibility community and with the support of main distributors, Nattiq Technologies and Medialog, Acapela continues to take the lead in this field.

The group’s wide product range makes it possible to deploy high quality speech synthesis to a large number of applications including: voice portals, unified messaging, contact centres, talking web, talking dictionaries, educational software, e-learning programmes, accessibility tools, embedded systems etc.

Acapela’s speech solutions integrate voice and data to provide the perfect media for IT and telephony convergence, giving operators, integrators, software editors, platform manufacturers and service providers a strong framework to build innovative, user-friendly and profitable products and services.