Convertible Tablets for use with NextUp Talker

For those who haven’t seen it, we have a neat product called NextUp Talker.
This has very much been a labor of love. We don’t know how to market it, don’t make much money on it, but it has changed hundreds of lives. It is amazing the number of people we run into who have lost the ability to speak, whether through disease like ALS, disorders like dysphagia, or because of surgery. Previously the only option for these people were devices to speak for them costing several thousand dollars, leaving them sounding much like Stephen Hawking. So, for $100 plus a PC, these people can once again talk to the world, and sound like a real person again.

The most frequent question we get though is, what kind of computer work well with Talker. Any windows computer will work, but for those who need to be on the go and still have the ability to talk, the newer Tablet/Convertible PCs are fantastic. I ran across a great review of some of them the other day:

Top 9 Convertible Tablet PCs

Mobile office users should consider convertible Tablet PCs as an alternative to using a laptop and PDA. Convertible Tablet PCs provide portability and power for mobile office professionals. A convertible Tablet PC offers mobile professionals the choice of working in two ways – display mode and as a regular laptop. Using the display mode works well when diagrams or handwritten notes are being taken.

1) Acer TravelMate C310 Convertible Tablet PC

The Acer TravelMate C310 features an Intel Pentium M processor and has a 14.1″ EMR TFT LCD. It has an onboard modem and can use Ethernet or wireless networks. With the addition of the optional second battery you should be able to get a full day of computing from the C310. The graphics on this Tablet PC are quite good and would be very useful for presentations to small groups.

2) Acer TravelMate C303XMi Convertible Tablet PC

The TravelMate C303XMi convertible Tablet PC offers a 14.1″ XGA display with Smart Vision. The C303XMi has an 80GB hard drive, modular DVD-Dual drive, 4-in-1 card reader, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and V.92 modem. The C303XMi offers up to 7 hours of battery life with a single charge and with a 2nd battery can provide up to 13 hours of battery life.

3) Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC

The Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Convertible Tablet PC has a 12.1″ display, battery life of up to 7.5hrs on an 8-cell battery, 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi capability, starting weight of 3.8lbs and 1.1″ thick. It has support for up to 4GB of RAM and up to a 120GB hard disk drive.

4) ElectroVaya Scribbler sc2200 Convertible Tablet PC

The Scribbler sc2200 convertible Tablet PC has a detachable keyboard and mouse. The display is a bright 12.1″ with pressure sensitive screen. The sc2200 also has integrated biometric device for fingerprint recognition. The extended battery run-time is up to 9 hours. The sc2200 weighs 4.5lbs with keyboard and mouse attached. Without the keyboard and mouse the sc2200 weighs 3.5lbs.

5) Fujitsu T4010D Convertible Tablet PC

The Fujitsu T4010D has a 12.1″ XGA display and has 160-degree wide viewing angle. A built-in modular bay can be used for an additional battery or a media drive. Wi-Fi is Atheros Super AG with dual diversity antennas. Bluetooth is also available. The T4010D has a Kensington lock slot and uses the Trusted Platform Module for security.

6) Gateway S-7200c Convertible Tablet PC

The Gateway S-7200c Convertible Tablet PC is well suited to mobile professionals and life on the road. It offers the features of a desktop replacement laptop without the greater weight and the convenience of writing directly on the screen. The included software will enable you to work productively. It is a very solid Tablet PC and good for mobile professionals who demand a sturdy machine.

7) Panasonic Toughbook 18 Convertible Tablet PC

The Toughbook 18 is a ruggedized convertible Tablet PC with a 10.4″ outdoor-readable LCD display. Weighing only 4.5lbs this is a lightweight rugged solution for mobile professionals. The case is constructed of magnesium alloy and has sealed port and connector covers. The keyboard, LCD and touchpad are all moisture and dust-resistant. The Toughbook 18 provides Wi-Fi connectivity, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and Wired LAN.

8) Toshiba Portege M200 Convertible Tablet PC

The Portege M200 convertible Tablet PC has a high resolution 12.1″ SXGA+ display and offers up to 4.34 hours of battery time. The M200 has integrated Wi-Fi, 10/100 Ethernet and V.90/56K modem for a variety of connection options. The M200 weighs 4.4lbs and included drives are DVD/CD-RW Combo and 60GB hard drive.

9) HP TC1100 Tablet PC

The HP TC1100 Tablet PC is both a convertible Tablet PC and can be used in tablet mode only. The keyboard is fully detachable. The display is 10.4″ TFT XGA with a hard tempered sparkle free glass covering. A discharged battery can be swapped when in standby mode for a fully charged battery allowing you to continue working. The TC1100 has built-in Wi-Fi, Ethernet and phone modem.